Brussels Curiosities

“Brussels” is a word that normally doesn’t inspire a lot of excitement. But this hasn’t stopped it from being the namesake of several curiosities. Foods, vegetables, materials and other cities of the world have been named after Brussels. So next time you’re doing a search for the word ‘Brussels’, you may find some of the following results.

Brussels waffles

Brussels are world famous for this doughy delicacy and rightly so because the Belgians have perfected the art of making waffles and Brussels waffles is one type of waffles that is a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike. Waffles are still sold in vans on the corners of streets and in metro stations.

Brussels griffon

A curious looking dog dubbed a ‘toy dog’ because of its petite size. Today it is a popular show dog displayed in dog shows. It is a lively creature that thrives on the attention of one owner. Originating from Brussels and exported to England and the States, this breed became rare after world wars I and II.

Brussels sprouts

One of the most nutritious vegetables in the world, the Brussels sprouts is a favourite for parents in Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the States but not so popular with children. The main reason for this is because of the smell that comes from overcooking.

Brussels lace and velvet

Since its days of tapestry-making in the 14th century, Brussels has always been renowned for its dexterity at creating textiles to wow the world. Like its tapestries, the quality of Brussels lace was only fit for aristocrats and royalty and commanded the highest prices on the market in the 16th century.

Brussels outside Belgium

The name Brussels doesn’t only belong to the city in Belgium, although Brussels, Belgium is probably the first Brussels city in the world. After a while everyone runs out of ideas or gets inspired by Brussels. There are two other Brussels in world, one in Canada and one in the United States.