Getting around in Brussels

It is easy to transport around the capital city of Europe. There is a well-developed public transport system for pedestrians and there are many boulevards for drivers. The city centre itself is compact so there are good walking trails to take when you are touring the city’s main attractions.

Airport to city

For information on how to get to Brussels city centre from both airports read our Zaventem to Brussels and Charleroi to Brussels pages.

Parking a car in Brussels

To read about how much it costs to park a car in Brussels and where are the safest places, click on the link above.

Brussels public transport

All of the public transport services are operated by the same company STIB and share the same ticketing system. This makes it easy to purchase tickets and change vehicles. Tickets can be bought at machines or dedicated kiosks that are mostly at metro stations. To read more about tickets and tips for every transport type visit our dedicated public transport page through the link above.
The Brussels Card includes a public transport pass and is a recommended buy.

Brussels train stations

Brussels central train station

There are three main railway train stations in Brussels. All of them are on the same line. Note that in Brussels everything is bilingual (French and Flemish) so you have to know both versions of the stations before you search for information, look at maps or book tickets online. We list these names on our dedicated train stations page.

Brussels car rental

There are 5-6 major car rental companies that offer their services to travellers arriving at the airports (Brussels Zaventem Airport and Brussels Charleroi Airport) and also Brussels-Midi train station (Avis, Hertz, Europcar). It is better to take a car if travelling for more than 10 days or so because insurance and taxes can then be spread out and make it an affordable option.

Brussels taxi

All taxis need to be taken from marked taxi stands in the city or you can wave them from the street if you are more than 100 metres from a taxi stand. Note down telephone numbers of taxi companies and what taxis should look like to ensure you are taking a real taxi.