Food & drinks in Brussels

Brussels restaurants dishesQuality dining is one of the pleasures of Brussels, but you need to know where to eat otherwise you will fall into tourist traps. Just because a place is crowded doesn't mean the food and beverages are good. Know where the locals go to be treated with first class service and fair price.

Best areas to eat in Brussels

If you are looking for a whole area of restaurants rather than focusing on one type of food then the following are some recommendations. These areas have a good mix of different types of cuisine and a good atmosphere. Belgians and visitors alike would love to dine out on the footpath or in gardens at the back of some establishments. Tables and chairs are usually carried straight out of the restaurant and onto the street if it is a particularly wonderful summer evening (June to August).

Place du Chatelain area has a wonderful mix of restaurants along Rue du Page and Rue du Chatelain. The liveliest evening is Wednesday nights when the afternoon street market attracts after work drinks crowds. There is still a good atmosphere on weekends if it’s a sunny summer evening. Italian, Belgian and French cuisine is most commonly found in this area.

The roads around the church of St. Boniface make a triangular shape that is lined with lively restaurants. From Thursday night onwards, the area is teaming with activity – after work drinks and motivated diners are waiting inside and outside.

Hidden in the streets around Place Stephanie are a treasure trove of restaurants recommended by the much touted Routard guide. These restaurants proudly display their Routard guide covers on the window. Along Chausée de Charleroi and on the two sides of rue Berckmans are small restaurants that are worth visiting for superb food and service.

Belgian food

There are a few dishes that are typically Belgian and you will frequently find these on the menu in Brussels. Other firm favourites are mussels and fries. This section gives an introduction to some of these Brussels favourites.

Belgian beer

With over 400 varieties of Belgian beer, it is hard to escape them when you are in Brussels. Even those who do not drink beer will find something suitable for the palate amongst the varieties, especially fruit flavours such as peach and cherry.

Brussels restaurants

One of the highlights of coming to Brussels is enjoying the wonderful food. The restaurants in Brussels have some of the best food in Europe. There are strong influences from Italian and French cuisine. Have a look in this section to find out about the types of restaurants in Brussels, where to find them and some tips on dining out.