Brussels Card Pass

If you plan to visit more than one museum or attraction then the Brussels Card is definitely a recommended buy. It will make your trip easier and save you money.

Brussels Card includes

In short:

You can find the complete list of free entrances and discounts by looking at the
Brussels Card discounts list.

Versions of Brussels Card

The Brussels Card can be purchased in forms of 24-hour, 48-hour or 72-hour access. With or without the unlimited public transport for all busses, trams and metro. The booking modules for both versions are at the bottom of this webpage.

How to order Brussels Card

2 ordering forms for the 2 versions of the Bruussels Card ale placed at the bottom of this page.

After ordering online, the manufactured physical card must be picked up at the town hall tourism desk at the Brussles main square (adress below).

  1. At the reservation module select a date when you would like to pick up the Brussels card and click the "Book now" button.
  2. Enter your personal and payment information.
  3. After booking you will receive a voucher into your email inbox.
  4. Show this voucher (printed or from smartphone) at the Brussels town hall tourism desk (address below).
  5. After presenting the voucher you will receive your manufactured physical card.
  6. You will also receive illustrated city guide and city map - 100 pages in 3 languages.

Tourism Office:

Brussels Town Hall
Grand Place 1
Open every day 9:00-18:00
- An impressive building on the main square. It will definitelly be one of the first places you will visit. It is no problem to find the main square and the town hall on it.

How to use Brussels card

  1. Show the Brussels card at the entrance of each visited institution to have it scanned.
  2. The card is usable for 24/36/48 hours after first use. The validity does not start after getting the card from town hall but after first scan for entrance to museum.
  3. Public transport validity starts after first use for transport. Independently of the validity for entrance to museums.
  4. Discount vouchers for restaurants, pubs, shops, ... are in the information guide received with the card and can be used even after the Brussels card has expired.
  5. Brussels Card is personal - 1 card for 1 person.

Booking modules for 2 versions of Brussels card

  1. Brussels card regular for 24 or 36 or 48 hours
  2. Brussels card + public transport pass for 24 or 36 or 48 hours (buses, trams and metro)