Brussels Car Rental

Popular Brussels car rental providers like Hertz, Avis, Sixt and others can be searched using the form below. In order to rent a car in Brussels, you will need a valid national or international driver’s license, an identification document (passport or identity card) and a credit card.

You can pick up your rental car at major location such as Brussels Airport, Brussels Charleroi or you can arrange having your car to be brought to a specific location. Your hotel for example.

When you are driving in Brussels make sure you are aware of certain important traffic rules which may differ from your country. Such as the “right turn priority” rule. All cars drive on the right hand side. Some roads are completely cobblestone and have no lanes, in these cases, keep to your right and watch carefully for on-coming traffic. There are also many pedestrian crossings which may not be well-marked so drive with caution in heavy pedestrian areas.