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With immigration also comes the transfer of names from one country to another. Brussels is the new name for two small villages in Canada and the United States. Each town has about 1,000 inhabitants. 36% of the population in Brussels, Wisconsin identify with Belgian descent, so there's a little slice of Belgium there too.

Brussels, Ontario
Located in the county of Huron in Canada, Brussels, Ontario was originally called Ainleyville after its first settler William Ainley in 1855. It was later changed to Brussels after a new railway was built alongside it in 1872. The town incorporated its name to match the railway stop. In 2001 the population was 1410 and is growing at a rate of 1.1% compared to the Ontario region’s growth rate of 6%. This sleepy town named the Village of Brussels is slowly becoming a museum of a town with many of the houses and buildings maintaining their 1900s charm to lure visitors to experience a taste of the past.
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Brussels Livestock, Canada
The Brussels Livestock is a market about 1 kilometre from Brussels proper. The buying and selling of herds of bulls, slaughter cows, bobby calves, veal, lamb and goats is done here three times a week. It is a division of Gamble & Rogers Ltd who took over the livestock exchange in 1990.

Brussels, Wisconsin
Founded in 1858 Brussels, Wisconsin is another small town with a population of about 1,112 according to the 2000 census. This town is located in Door County, Wisconsin in the United States of America. Its settlers report to have significant historical roots with Belgium (36%) and Germany (32%). The names of a few of the streets reflect these origins including Belgian Road, Brussels Road and Namur.
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Brussels, Illinois, US
This Brussels is a small town in the Calhoun County of Illinois, United States. Population count at the 2000 census was 141. This town is interesting situated in between two of the great rivers of the United States: Mississippi River and Illinois River but isn’t covered by water at all. It is home to a population of endangered bald eagles. The town was first settled by Germans in 1822 but it received its name from its first resident priest Father John Moliter who died after three months upon reaching the town. The towns’ people decided to name the town ‘Brussels’ after his hometown in Belgium.
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Bruxelles, Manitoba, Canada
Perhaps the smallest ‘Brussels’ in the world, Bruxelles, Manitoba is literally a few rural streets off Provincial Road 245 in the Rural Municipality of Lorne, in the Province of Manitoba – Western Canada. The Bruxelles community was settled by Belgians and people from Quebec in 1888. It is valued for its Sainte Marie School and Bruxelles Church, a heritage building. In recent years this area has become the Wind Capital of Manitoba with wind turbines dotted along farm lands.