Brussels Taxi

Brussels taxi service

Taking a taxi in Brussels is quite straight forward if you are in the city center. And if you are elsewhere you can also call them.

Where are Brussels taxi stands

There are many taxi stands on the side of the main streets. You will be able to identify them easily. You can also find information about taxi stands locations on most Brussels tourist maps that are for taking at accommodation, attractions or at the Brussels Tourist Center.

Brussels taxi prices and tipping

All taxis should be metered and you do not need to tip, although rounding up to the nearest euro is sometimes expected. The standard fares will change over time. Right now (2018) it is €3.70 default starting fee plus €1.80 per km within the 19 city communes and €4.50 per km outside of the city. Plus a €2 surcharge applies between 10pm and 6am.

How to recognize and call Brussels taxi

Taxis come in all shapes and sizes without any markings on the car doors. So look out for the white, yellow and blue triangular stands at the car roof to spot one on the street.

Obviously you can just walk up to a taxi if it is parked. And it is acceptable to vawe at them if they are more than 100 metres from a taxi stand.

If you are not close to a main road or taxi stand it will be easier to call for a taxi to arrive at your pick-up point. You can also call for one in advance via a phone. For wheelchair users the company Taxi Hendriks has vehicles suitable for them.

Main Brussels taxi companies telephone numbers

+32 (0)2 411 41 42
+32 (0)2 512 31 23

+32 (0)2 715 40 40