Brussels Shopping

Best luxury shopping in Brussels

As you surely expect, Brussels shopping is not limited to what most tourists buy. Chocolates, beer and lace. Although these are definitely worth checking out for their quality craftsmanship. During your Brussels vacation, you can also sample the highest quality boutique shops, the most eclectic mix of goods at Brussels markets and more. Read further.

Best time to do shopping in Brussels

Most Brusselans will shop on Saturdays because most shops are closed on Sundays. So if you want to avoid overcrowded shops and messy clothes racks, then avoid shopping on Saturdays. On Sundays some shops near the Grand Place will be most likely open and so will some of the Brussels markets.

Buying souvenirs in Brussels

There are mainly two types of souvenirs to purchase in Brussels - food and beverages or novelty trinkets. The tourist area that will offer all of these is along the narrow pedestrian streets that lead to the Grand Place (Grote Markt) from all directions. Most of the tourist shops here are open, even on Sundays. In the novelty shops, you will find that most of the shops sell similar items such as Peeing boy statues and keyrings, shot glasses or mugs. The only tourist shops for novelty items in Brussels are located at the Grand Place.

However, for food and beverage, it pays to shop carefully so you do not pay €5 for a bottle of beer that you can purchase at the supermarket in the same area for €2. The classic Belgian beers that are great as a gift or to take home are available at all supermarkets, big and small. Brands include: Leffe, Chimay, all brands of kriek, and Duvel to name a few. As for the chocolate, read more about this in the Buying Belgian Chocolate section.

Buying Belgian chocolate

If you have ever bought Belgian chocolate, you will know that there is a fine quality about them that deserves mentioning. To ensure you bring home the best Belgium has to offer then read this short guide to the different varieties and shops that you should venture into to buy the best Belgian chocolates.

Brussels markets

To all local Brussels people, Brussels markets are the place to be any day of the week. There are hundreds of open markets operating throughout the week in small squares all over the city. Usually serving up fresh vegetables, handmade cheese, freshly chopped meat and knick-knacks for the home. On the Sundays the biggest markets are open for eager shoppers with small trolleys.

Shopping streets in Brussels

Luxury brands and boutique shops can be found on Brussels two renowned shopping streets - Boulevard de Waterloo and Rue Antoine Dansaert. The ‘regular’ shopping street is called Rue Neuve, a pedestrian only street with a large selection of shops and a large shopping mall called City2.

Brussels shopping arcades (Malls)

Brussels has one of the oldest shopping arcades in the world and a variety of others. Unlike ordinary shopping malls, galeries or arcades offer high quality brands and luxury items. They are normally set inside old buildings, great for escaping the rain and shine to shop at leisure.

Brussels duty free shopping

Buying Duty Free is no longer possible within the EU. Go to the airport section to find out more about duty free shopping available from the airports. This is why you will not find any duty free shops within Brussels city. You can still purchase duty free items before boarding international flights out of the EU after passing through customs into the international terminal. The shops are called Sky Shops.