Brussels Marathon

Brussels has two major runs throughout the year. They give local people the opportunity to train and keep fit. Also a great chance to fund raise for a good cause and for companies to use it as a team building exercise. In the 20km in Brussels, people will dress up in costumes for teams or charities to add some light-hearted fun.

20km in Brussels
Brussels MarathonThis is a short race that takes runners to the best sights of the city. The course starts at the Parc du Cinquantenaire and circles around into the city, past the Monts des Arts, up to Avenue Louise and around back to the Parc du Cinquantenaire again. Visitors at the St Jacobs church, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts or the Musical Instruments Museum can get a great view of the runners as they pass by.

Brussels Marathon
An annual marathon held in autumn. The course is said to be challenging but scenic with most of it in the Eastern suburbs around the European Quarters. The start line is at the Parc du Cinquantenaire and the finish line is at the Grand Place in the downtown area. There are options for a full marathon (42km), a half marathon (21km) or mini-marathon (3km). Children’s run (1km) is also available for the kiddies! Most people will choose to cheer on the crowd at the start or finish lines because the course goes through residential areas.

If you are thinking of coming to Brussels for a marathon or the 20km run then be sure to check out the hotels and restaurants sections to get to know the city before you come. For some running route suggestions try the website called Enter Brussels, Belgium and you will get more than a dozen routes around the city.