Flights to Brussels

Brussels is able to enjoy the advantage of having an effective aviation infrastructure. With two airports Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport, the city attracts both high value international flights as well as low cost airlines looking for cheap airport options.

Airlines include the major international airline flying to and from premium destinations, Brussels Airlines and the low cost flyer Jetairfly. Thomas Cook Airlines operates a chartered service with limited reserved-seating options and finally VLM takes care of business travellers.

Flights into Brussels arrive mainly from the UK (London), Germany (Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin) and other European cities. It remains a highly affordable destination for European travellers. Airfares to Brussels will range from low cost fares (between €50 - €100 for one-way), to premium prices (over €150 one-way). Direct flights from the U.S. and Middle-East are also available. Travellers from further away, such as Asia and Pacific, will need to take connecting flights from hubs such as London, Frankfurt or Amsterdam.

Belgian Airlines

Three Belgian airlines fly regularly from airports in Belgium to destinations in Europe, Middle-East, America and Africa. Each airline has its own speciality and caters to a different client base.

Brussels Airlines
Currently, the largest airline in Belgium through a series of mergers, Brussels Airlines flies direct to 50 major European destinations including Paris and London, and to destinations in the Americas, Middle-East and Africa. It is the only airline that offers a separate business class and an economy class.

The youngest airline in Belgium was founded in 2004 and is now the second largest airline in Belgium. They fly to 74 destinations in summer and 32 destinations in winter, from Belgium (Brussels, Ostend and Liege) to regional locations in the Mediterranean and North Africa. Meals are purchased in addition to the basic air ticket.

Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium
The smallest fleet in Belgium, this airline has recently opened up its chartered service to seat-booking passengers with a limited number of seats per flight. Its speciality is flights to the Mediterranean resort locations. In-flight entertainment and meal are included in the air ticket price.

VLM Airlines
VLM was also a Belgian airline until it was recently purchased by Air France. It runs an executive service for business travellers.

Flights From UK to Brussels
Although it is increasingly popular to travel by Eurostar from London to Brussels, there are still daily flights to Brussels Airport from other locations in the UK. BMI operates flights from London and other cities such as Edinburgh, East Midlands and Leeds. Brussels Airlines has flights departing from Manchester and Bristol. Ryanair also has a few flights departing from Manchester and arriving at Charleroi. Flights from London to Brussels depart from four different London airports on various airlines. Due to high competition between these airlines, it is easy to find cheap flights to Brussels from the UK.

Flights From Ireland to Brussels
From Dublin, Aer Lingus and Ryanair compete for passengers with low cost airfares and frequent flights to the European capital. Find more information on the Flights from Dublin to Brussels page.

Flights From Germany to Brussels
Although Germany is close to Belgium, there are still many daily flights arriving from major cities such as Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines both have flights to Brussels Airport. Many of these flights are not cheap and they are listed as codeshare flights with international airlines such as Singapore Airlines and United Airlines. A popular and low cost way to travel from Germany is by train from Berlin to Brussels.

Flights From the Netherlands to Brussels
Since many Dutch cities are within driving distance of Brussels, there are not many flights from the Netherlands. The only flights arrive daily from Amsterdam to Brussels on KLM airlines via codeshare flights with Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines.

Flights From Spain to Brussels
Direct connections are available from Barcelona to Brussels, Madrid, Malaga and many other small cities in Spain. Large cities are served by Ryanair, Brussels Airlines, Iberia Airlines and Vueling Airlines, while smaller cities are served by Thomas Cook Airlines.

Flights From North America
There are a number of direct flights to Brussels from North America with six different airlines. Brussels Airlines doesn’t have any direct flights but they have codeshare flights with most airlines so you can still find fares from their website. Direct flights leave from New York JFK, Chicago, Newark, Atlanta, Toronto, Washington and Philadelphia. Brussels is a sub-regional hub for Jet Airways, an Indian airline. Air operators:,,,,

Flights From Asia and Pacific
Yes, there are some direct flights to Brussels from India operated by Jet Airways (Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi) and China’s Hainan Airlines (Beijing), but most travellers looking for the best deals need to take connection flights at main hubs such as London, Frankfurt or Amsterdam. It is recommended to first try the price comparison websites before booking a flight from Asia and Pacific.,,,,

Flights From the Mediterranean
Jetairfly, Brussels Airlines and Thomas Cook Airlines all have direct flights from the Mediterranean and fly into Brussels Airport. From major cities such as Greece or Rome, local airlines such as Olympic Airlines or Alitalia have direct flights.,,,

Flights From Central Europe and Eastern Europe
There are direct flights to Brussels from Budapest (with WizzAir or Malev) or from Warsaw (Ryanair, Lot or Brussels Airlines). WizzAir operates direct flights from all major Central and Eastern European cities – Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Bucharest and Sofia – to Charleroi Airport.,,

Flights From the Baltic States
Brussels have direct connections to the Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Air Baltic operates daily flights from Riga in Latvia (Baltic hub) and six days of flights from Vilnius (Lithuania). Other flights include Riga-Charleroi operated by Ryanair and a direct flight from Tallinn (Estonia) by Estonian Air.,,

Flights From Scandinavia
Direct flights to Brussels Airport operated by SAS from Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo make Brussels highly accessible from the northern regions of Europe. Brussels Airlines also has codeshare flights from Oslo to Brussels. Additional flights from Denmark (Billund) are operated by British Airways.|,