Brussels Red Light District

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There are three main areas in Brussels where red light activities happen. This page lists the streets and a little about prices for sex in Brussels.

North Brussels Red Light District

The area around the northern train station Gare du Nord could be considered the main Brussels red light district. But it is also the most dirty one. Some of it is in business during the day, but it is most alive at night. Info about prices is lower on this page.

The main red light street is Rue d'Aerschot. It is the street you will be on as you exit the station. It is long and goes from south to north. After midnight the windows and shops light up with red neon lights and women start attracting custommers.

The larger street nearby - Rue de Brabant, is filled mainly with cheap clothes shops. But there are also some kebab and fast food shops. No red windows here. But it has small night shops which supply tobacco, alcohol and snack foods. These stay open until the morning hours.

There are many red windows on a small alley called Rue Linné. It is in the southern part of this red light district. Nearby streets like Rue des Plantes or Rue de la Prairie also have some.

Streetwalkers are around this whole area.

But BE CAREFUL: This part of town is not clean and feels not safe. It is full of graffity and street people. If you want a cleaner experience then visit one of other Brussels RLD described below.

Accommodation in this area

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Central Brussels Red Light District

If you want to meet asian women, visit this area. There is less prostitution here then around North train station, but it is also much cleaner and more safe looking.

It is the area between Brussels Noordstation and the old city center. Not far away from both. But you need to go to specific streets. This area is also called the Alhambra district.

There are street girls in the area of Emile Jacqmainlaan Boulevard and Boulevard Adolphe Max. Visit also the streets neighbouring these boulevards.

Many street walkers are to north-west of Emile Jacqmainlaan Bvd. On a street called Rue des Commercants.

There are both the Flemish and Wallonian theaters in this area. So if you need to ask someone for directions or you need a cover story, you can say you are going there. The Flemish theatre is in a nice old building.

Prostitutes in this red light area of Brussels are often younger and prettier than up north. And they often ask more than the women around Noordstation.

There are some asian prostitutes here. And there is also an asian market nearby.

Accommodation in this area

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South Brussels Red Light District

A street where you can find prostitutes in Brussels south part of town is called Avenue Louise.

This is one of the most expensive shopping areas of Brussels. But after midnight, street girls begin to stand along the footpaths. Often in front of expensive hotels or apartment buildings.

There is a larger concentration of more attractive and more expensive women that offer sex for money. And they want to go to a hotel or apartment and not into a car.

They are dressed to be recognisable, in short skirts and high heels.

This street is well lighted and there are many people walking even at night. So it is clean and safe here.

Accommodation in this area

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Brussels escort agencies

There is another option how to meet fun girls in Brussels. There are few escort service agencies which can send a companion to your hotel or a meeting place. Read more about these services on our Brussels escorts page.

Brussels prostitution prices

This is not precise. Just a generalisation. But the cheapest women are often around the north station (Gare du Nord). Medium prices and attractiveness can be found around theaters mentioned higher on this page. And the more attractive and more expensive girls usually hang out around Avenue Louise. Then there are the escorts which are the most expensive.

How much Brussels prostitutes want? These are approximate charges for basic services:

In Brussels, sex with a woman in a window will cost you around €50. This is for a quickie in 15 minutes.

Street prostitutes work from €30 to €80 for a session. Which is from 30 minutes to an hour. This all depends on their age and beauty.

Pretty girls at Avenue Louise go for around €100 - €200. They usually wait for men accommodated in hotels on Avenue Louise street. And will not want to go far away or into a car.

Brussels red light district safety

Brussels is a well cultivated city and definitely safer than some others. But when going to dubious alleys in the middle of the night, you should be watchful of your surroundings and keep an alert mindset. Most likely nobody will care much about you, but a pepper spray is a recommended buy. You can carry it in the pocket of your jacket and even if you don't use it, you should feel safer.

How to bring a prostitute into hotel or apartment

If you want to have fun with a Brussels sex worker you will need a room and it will need to be close.

Best way to find and compare accomodation close to Brussels red light districts is to use the lists linked at the end of description of each red light area. Up on this page. After visiting the link, enter your travel dates and you will see the prices for accomodation.

These hotels and apartments are used to customers bringing companions. It is a part of their business in these areas of the city.