Brussels Escorts

This page displays information about escort services, escort agencies, call girls, models and travelling companions. These are all legal businesses in Belgium.

You can read about other forms of paid companionship in Brussels on our main Brussels Red Light District page.

Signs of a good escort agency

And how to avoid scams.

First impression. The impression and quality of agency website. The way they show their services. First and subjective impression is also something to consider.
Large selection. Do they offer enough available escorts listings, variety and choice to belong to the most popular escort agencies in Brussels?
Clarity and honesty. Everything that is on the agency website should feel true. Without small print.
Enough information. Do you think there is enough information in their call-girls profiles? You should not have too many questions.
Price and fairness. Were any fees hidden? Do you feel like your possible experience is good value for that money?
Customer service. How cultured was the communication when you spoke to the escorts agency via phone or e-mail? Did you feel comfortable talking to them?

Process of booking an escort in Brussels

When calling or writing the escort company, consult these points:

  1. Be specific about time and place. To avoid time, energy and good mood being wasted.
  2. Make sure there is an agreement about payment transaction beforehand. About how and when the payment will be given. This avoids uncertainty and haggling.
  3. What an escort will and will not do is generally decided with the agency before she arrives. So be clear and direct about what it is you wish from your escort.
  4. Make sure the agency that you are hiring from is licensed. If they try not to give license confirmation, view it as a big red flag.

If you take care of these basic arrangements you have high chance of having a smooth and stress-free experience.

Should you hire an escort in Brussels?

Belgians are people with mature values. And Brussels is a place with cultured society. So being seen with an escort will not produce negative views towards you. Belgians view sex as a natural part of life. And that it is good to be able to enjoy it.

Hiring an escort is legal in Belgium. As well as other forms of paid companionship. So you do not risk trouble with the law. Belgium is a country with fair laws and strong justice institutions. So even if someone tried to harm you, your chances are better here in Brussels than in other places.

Escorts are the most expensive way of enjoying paid companionship. As compared to streets, windows or clubs. In Brussels and everywhere else. But you get quality, safety and convinience.

So have some fun and hire an escort.

Escort services in Brussels

Meeting with an escort may be for some just about the erotic services. But many people like the other parts of the offer too.

Various aspects of an escort service may include:
Conversation. During a dinner, or a walk or elsewhere.
Companionship. While being in a foreign city or on an event with strangers.
Relaxation. In a bath or by having a massage.
Erotic activities. In a hotel or your home.

High class escort services

How high class escorts differ from regular escorts

These women and agencies ask hundreds of euros for a meeting that lasts an hour or two. And thousands of euros for a meeting that lasts a day or two.

They are very sophisticated, intelligent and beautiful. With great skill in social interactions and impressions.

The planning of meeting should be pleasant and professional. If it is not, then it is a sign that they are not a high class escort. Stay away from such offers.

Why choose a high class escort

Maybe you just want to have premium enjoyment with a model. Or you want to try a high class experience with a powerful woman.

But it is also useful to meet a high class escort to gain experience with sophisticated women. After your meeting you should ask her what can you improve on yourself.

If you are attending a social or business event then consider bringing an escort with you. It is always good to be seen in a company of a beautiful women. High class escort will have the social skills to elevate your position in any situation.

Tips for contacting escorts based in Brussels

The time when you contact a call-girl also matters. Consider that if you contact an agency at peak time, for example on a weekend evening, not all girls might be available. Or there might be a queue.

Not every agency is perfectly honest in the profiles of their girls. When calling, ask if the photos are up-to-date, not too photoshopped and of the same person you wish to meet.

Many escort agencies based in Brussels can offer you a VIP service. This usually means transportation, security and 24/7 availability.

How to prepare and how to behave

It is delightful to enjoy the quality of your companion. But you are expected to have some standards too. Your date is of course a person with feelings and opinions. Those feeling and opinions will be about you while you are together.

Your conduct will say a lot about you and also influence the future of escort industry. Lets take it towards a good future.