Travel Paris to Brussels

Paris is only 305 kilometres from Brussels and connected by highways and rails. Since France is a part of the Schengen Visa zone, there are no border controls. Trains and highways run freely between the two cities. From Paris you can take a train, a flight, a coach or a car to Brussels.

Train Paris to Brussels
Trains are one of the most convenient ways to travel between Paris and Brussels. There are direct trains with Thalys and indirect trains with TGV.

Flights Paris to Brussels
With its proximity to Brussels and ease of access by rail and road, there is only one flight departing from Paris Charle de Gaulle (CDG) and landing in Brussels Airport. This flight is operated by Brussels Airlines.

By bus (coach) or car
To travel by coach from Paris to Brussels you need to make a reservation at Eurolines. Buses depart from Paris Gallieni and arrive at Brussels-Nord. Journeys are 4 hours long. Prices depend on how many days you book in advance.

Paris to Brussels is about 305 kilometres via the highways (3 hours). The most direct route takes you through major highways A1 and A2 which is a straight drive, but may involve toll charges. In Europe, cars run on the right-hand side of the road.