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Also called the Musée royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique or Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten van Belgie.

The Royal Museums of Fine Arts Belgium is made up of two art museums housed in the same building and connected also to the Magritte Museum.

Museum exhibition

The above ground floors, built with warm, mauve-coloured marble columns and floors are the display rooms for Ancient Art (Art ancient or Oude kunst) and 17th to 18th century art. Artists such as Brueghel (Elder-father and Younger-son), Rubens and Jordaens are all on display here. Artworks are displayed on the mezzanine floor just above the grand hall.

The Modern Art (Art moderne or Moderne kunst) wings are surprising below ground and it isn’t just a basement, there are in total 8 floors below ground! The section starts at level -3, where there is a display of comic strips, a cherished art from in Belgium. Steps will take you deep underground to explore the 19th and 20th century pieces as well as the ultra modern 21st century pieces on the next 5 floors. When you find yourself at level -8, it’s time to take the 48 person lift back up.

Other museum facilities

These include the Museum Café, Museum Brasserie (Brewery) and the Museum Shop.

Brussels Museum of Fine Arts opening hours

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How to get to Brussels Museum of Fine Arts

You can find this museum next to the BELvue Museum. It is located around the Mont des Arts (Arts Hill) near the Royal Palace and Brussels Park. You will find it directly opposite St. Jacobs’s church at Place Royale.

Royal Museums of Fine Arts
Rue de la Régence 3
1000 Brussels
Tel: 02 5083211

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