Brussels Jazz Marathon

The Jazz Marathon is 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) of live jazz music in the city during the last week of May. Venues will host jazz musicians from all over the world to play at their cafés, bars and restaurants. Theatres and studios also get in on the musical challenge.

The whole city turns into one big jazz concert. 125 concerts, 400 national and international artists and a variety of jazz – modern jazz, traditional jazz, blues-rock, funk-soul-world and Latino - style music are all thrown in there for a musical extravaganza. All events are free including the stage at the Grand Place, where the crowd is treated to tables and chairs.

It all helps to get people out of their houses and offices, onto the streets and into the cafés and bars for a good time. All happening at the end of spring and beginning of summer. Tourists get to see how Brussels people like to enjoy their music – with a cold glass of beer around a table and lots of friends.

A unique experience on offer last year was the two Movin’ Jazz bus lines that toured around the main areas of bars and cafés where musicians were playing. The buses were free with 20 musicians and 6 comedians onboard to entertain the passengers while they go on their jazz marathon chase around the city.

Jazz and music lovers would love this event. It’s a great weekend away.

This event is held in venues all over Brussels, the major stage events are at the Grand Place, Place St Catherine, the Sablon and Place Fernand Cocq.