Brussels Flower Carpet

Once every two years, the rectangular shaped ‘square’ at the Grand Place turns into a carpet of fresh flowers dubbed the ‘Flower Carpet’ or ‘Flowercarpet’. The elaborate patterns and colours are planned well ahead of time and then displayed in a single tableau on the cobblestones of the town square. The design is different every time. Flower Carpets in the past have resembled the borders of Belgian tapestries but in actual fact the designs are symbols and patterns to commemorate certain events or towns.

To build the carpet, the square of the Grand Place is first cleared and fenced off. The green border and areas are placed down first; these are strips of green grass turf that are still alive and growing! Then the flowers are packed tightly together in the planned setting. The number of flowers and colours needed are calculated in advance. The flower of choice is begonias which offer a variety of colours and are robust enough to withstand heat or rain.

Entrance to the Town Hall and a panoramic view is granted for about €3; free for children. This includes entrance to exhibitions of all the previous Flowercarpets. But there is standing space for hundreds of people around the Flower Carpet itself at the Grand Place. From a few stories above, the image is magnificent and the flowers are glorious and bright. Musical and light performance and fireworks displays on the opening night to mark the celebration of the Flower Carpet.

Completed once every two years, the next Flower Carpet will be seen in 2010 and every two years hence.

In the middle of the Grand Place, this spectacular display cannot be missed. Tourists and Belgians alike will show up during the weekend of the Flower Carpet and the Grand Place is packed with more people than usual. Metro: Centrale