Train World Brussels

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The collection consist of everything related to trains and rail transport. Locomotives, train cars, clocks, rail foreman's cottage, mail sorting, signaling and so on. Lots of stuff to see. Large and small.

Supporting the collection are videos, old photos and technology explanations. Train cars are filed with luggage and travelers stories.

An experience of technology, art and stories for both adults and kids.

Tickets for the Brussels Train World

You can buy tickets on the Train World online tickets website.

Adults: €12
Children age 6-17: €9
Seniors age 65+: €9
Children age <5: free

Opening hours of the Brussels Train World

The museum is closed on mondays and open 10:00 to 17:00 hours every other day of the week.

Beware: The entry doors of Train World close at 15:30.

Closed on January 1st and December 25th.

Brussels train world location

The museum is located in the northern part of Brussels city and consists of two buildings. The Schaerbeek station which is a building of wonderful historic train architecture and a more modern industrial hangar. These are surrounded by Art Nouveau neighborhood.

Train World on the map of Brussels