Brussels chocolate tour & workshop

Belgian Chocolate

By the end of this tour you will understand how to choose quality chocolate and why Belgium is so famous for it. And as you are walking between chocolate shops, sightseeing and monument history commentary will brighten your way. There is also a chocolate workshop at the end of the tour.

How to order

You can reserve your place on their Brussels tour reservation online webpage.

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What is included

An expert with 15 years of experience in the chocolate industry will take you to chocolate shops that belong to Brussels finest. Mainstream items are out of the list as we will make sure that you are introduced to the most exclusive chocolate of top branded stores. Belgium is famous for its chocolate therefore it is a must for your visit.

As we wrote before, while moving between the chocolate shops, a sightseeing route will be taken and a professional history and curiosities comentary will be provided. The walking distance is 4km but the tour takes 4 hours so it will not be at once.

The workshop which ends the tour lasts for 1 hour and is lead by a professional chocolatier. It is a fun event where you create chocolate shapes and different pralines with other tour members. We always have lots of laugh at these. At the end of this chocolate workshop you will get your own-made chocolate wrapped up and you take them with you.

A perfect tour if you want to buy chocolate presents for your relatives or friends. You will get to chocolates of quality they probably never tryed before. And will be knowleadgeable to tell them how it is made and how to enjoy it.

By the end of this Brussels chocolate and sightseeing tour you will know a lot about Belgian chocolate and major Brussels sights. This perfect introduction to Brussels will help you navigate through the city center. And to know where are the best places to eat, drink and which places to avoid. A pleasant and informative way to spend an afternoon in Brussels.

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