Brussels beer tour

Brussels Beer Tour

Within an authentic atmosphere of out-of-sight Brussels taverns, you will taste a selection of Belgian beers to acknowledge the elements of flavour and alcohol percentage in combination with various foods.

How to book

You can reserve your place on their Brussels tour reservation online webpage.

And you can read the reviews there too.

What is included

An expert with years of experience will take you to pubs that are visited by locals and are some of Brussels oldest (one since 1695).

While being explained the Belgian beer traditions and beer-food pairing you will get 8 selected beers of different types. And drink them while eating Belgian cheeses, sausages, frites and chocolates. The beers are full size, not sample size.

A beer considered by critics to be the best in the world is included in the tour - The Westvleteren 12.

The Westvleteren 12: Trappist monks from Mont des Cats do no advertising and have repeatedly stated that they only brew enough beer to run the monastery. And will make no more regardless of demand. The beer is only sold to individual buyers in person at the monastery. As stated by the Father Abbott: "We are not brewers. We are monks. We brew beer to be able to afford being monks."

This Brussels beer tour is a pleasant and informative way to spend an afternoon in Brussels. Sometimes a group of people from the tour ends up going to dinner and drinks and dancing afterwards.

Useful short info

Important information: The legal age for drinking in Brussels is 16. Customers below this age will not be accepted on the tour. We also strongly discourage visitors to bring young children to the tour. The atmosphere is not appropriate for young children and it usually disrupts the well being of all customers. Thank you for understanding.