Charleroi Airport parking

Parking lot at Brussels Charleroi Airport

There is no free parking at Charleroi Airport. Not even for just dropping someone off.

Map of all Charleroi car parks can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

Quick drop-off and pick-up

People usually hang around for longer than really necessary. Possibly for this reason all car stops at Charleroi Airport are paid.

For just a quick stop use the Express Parking which is closest to the terminals.

Charleroi Airport express parking price:
0min - 3min = €2
3min - 30min = €3

Long term parking at charleroi airport

There are 5 parking lots on which you can park your car for multiple days.
Notice that P4 is closer than P3.


• 1 minute walk from terminals.
• Separated part of P1.
• Secured and protected.


• 2 minute walk from terminals.
• Multi-floor covered parking lot.
• Maximum vehicle height is 1.9m.


• 5 minute walk from terminals.
• Open air parking lot.


• 20-30 minute walk from terminals. 1.4 km.
• Open air parking lot.
• Is the farthest from terminals.
• On the map there is a shorter route but this road is not accessible because of a fence around the parking lot.
• There is a shuttle which you can reserve on airports website. It runs every half hour from 04:00 till 23:30. It costs €8 for a two-way ticket. Free for childrern <3 years.
• Online booking only for parking on this parking lot. On airports website.


• 15-20 minutes walk from terminals. 1km.
• Open air parking lot.
• No shuttle to terminals available.
• Online booking only for parking on this parking lot. On airports website.

Prices for long term parking

The minimal charge is very similar for all car parks.

Minimal charge is the price for 1 day of parking.
Lock: 30 per day
P1: 26 per day
P2: 25 per day
P4: 24 per day
P3: 24 per day

Then the prices go down for longer stays. Depending on how many days and which parking lot. Approximately you can expect to pay twice as much for P1 as for P3.

For example for 7 days the price is:
Lock: €120 (€17.14/day)
P1: €107 (€15.29/day)
P2: €90 (€12.86/day)
P4: €57 (€8.14/day)
P3: €51 (€7.29/day)

For example for 14 days the price is:
Lock: €230 (€15.33/day)
P1: €175 (€11.67/day)
P2: €158 (€10.53/day)
P4: €93 (€6.20/day)
P3: €85 (€5.67/day)

The payment is accepted by the machines present on the parking lots.

If you book online and exceed the time allocated, then you will need to pay the remaining sum at the machines.

Map of Charleroi Airport parking lots

P1 and P2: top-left.
P3: bottom-centre.
P4: top-right.


Photo from author "Own Work" on that was cropped to 16:9.