Brussels News

There are two main sources of information you may look out for in Brussels are newspapers and the weather. Newspapers are still a popular way of getting daily information and there are newspaper stores dedicated to selling newspapers, magazines and snacks all over the inner city. Weather is also of interest to people living in Brussels, many will keep an eye on the forecast to see if they can go to the park on a Saturday or Sunday morning. However, leaving the umbrella at home is never an option, even when the weather forecasts a fine sunny day!

Brussels Newspapers
Here is a brief introduction to some of the leading newspapers in Brussels. Brussels Capital Region is the only region in Belgium where you can find Brussels news for both French speakers (Le Soir, La Derniere Heure, and La Libre Belgique) and Dutch speakers (De Morgen and De Standaard).

In other cities, which are unilingual, newspapers in the other language may not be so widespread. Even news channels are only in one language or the other. Since there are so many English speaking expatriates, a newspaper-like weekly magazine has also been set up called the Bulletin. In there you will find a Brussels Agenda detailing the week’s cultural activities to keep you entertained.

Brussels Weather Forecast
Learn about the sources for Brussels weather forecast. Although Brussels’ weather is generally overcast and the level of rainfall in Belgium (852mm per year) is even higher than the UK (635mm per year), people still look out for sunny days. Blue skies and bright white clouds are possible!

There are days that are perfect for a walk in the Park (near the Royal Palace), the Cinquantinaire Park (near the European Quarter), to the Chinese pavilion or Japanese tower or visiting the mini-Europe theme park. Then there are days when you’ll be better in one of the 90 museums, sampling moules frites (mussels and fries) in a restaurant or sipping beer in a warm local café. Whichever way the weather goes there are things to do and see.