Brussels Map

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There are several good references for online Brussels maps. These will give you a good idea of how to navigate from your place of accommodation to your sightseeing destinations and also find conveniences such as post offices, taxi stands and information centres.

Brussels RestaurantsGeoLoc is a Brussels’ Localisation engine dedicated to finding locations within Brussels to the exact building outline. If you punch in the street name and street number of the building it will show you how far down the street you need to travel and which side of the street your destination is on! Also shows taxi stands and major landmarks.

Mappy has maps in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Belgian Dutch (Flemish). This makes it suitable for many travellers. The best feature is the ability to pinpoint important tourist information such as the tourism offices, car parks, WiFi hotspots and postal offices. They also have a feature for finding hotels that are close to the area you choose. It is user-friendly and designed for travellers with itineraries in mind.

Google is the basic online map service that even gives written directions for you to find where you need to go! Satellite views also allow you to recognise important landmarks and streets. Be sure to type “Brussels” into the search bar before typing in the street because Google Map tends to start its searches in the US first. Street names are written in Flemish.