Luggage storage in Brussels

Luggage storage for bags in Brussels

The city of Brussels is a beauty to walk through. But we must say that it is also often full of traffic and the weather is unstable. So we recommend to leave your bags at storage and enjoy the city freely.

Automated vs live storage of bags in Brussels

The baggage lockers in Brussels stations are completely automated. You operate them through a computer terminal to select locker size, time duration and administer payment. This should be okay for most people but sometimes it can be confusing for someone. Especially if there are other people waiting. Advance reservation is not possible.

But there is other service called Nannybag with which you can make advance reservation via a website and have your bags stored by a person. Read below.

Reserve online and store by live person

As with many other things, there are websites for luggage storage too. They will show you the locations of businesses that can store your bags. It is now the most popular way of doing it.

The most popular luggage storage service in Brussels is called Nannybag
- 36 locations - €6/day - bag of any size.

Existing businesses like hotels or shops store luggage in their unused space (room without public access). Quality and safety is periodically checked by service inspector. Booking and payment is done only on website. It is a well tested way of doing it now.

How to make a reservation with Nannybag service

  1. Go to the Nannybag reservation website by clicking the link above
  2. Click the "Search" button
  3. Select the dates for drop-off and pick-up of your bags
  4. Select number of bags in the field next to dates
  5. Pick a location on the map
  6. Click the "Book now" button
  7. Register with your email address and bank card
  8. You will receive an email with confirmation
  9. Bring your bags to the location
  10. Take your bags when ready

Independent luggage storage shops

In other cities (for example Amsterdam) there are still some small independent storage shops. But there are no such shops in Brussels. They have all been converted to online booking via luggage storage website. And now if there is a storage point in Brussels they are accessible only through such websites.

Automated luggage lockers in Brussels train and bus stations

There are three main stations in Brussels: Noord, Centraal, Zuid.

Only the Zuid Station has 24/7 luggage lockers. Centraal station has lockers but they are not accessible 24/7. And Noord station does not have luggage lockers because of reconstruction.

How to use storage lockers at Brussels station

Price of bag lockers at Brussels station: