Embassies in Brussels

Over 200 embassies (offices of ambassadors) and consulates (offices of consuls) can be found in Brussels. This is convenient for diplomats to access key European Union institutions and for travellers and expats to seek advice. Note that embassies and consulates have different roles.

Embassies, normally based in the capital of the country, represent a foreign relationship between two countries. They are the offices of ambassadors, who are on permanent diplomatic missions to represent and protect the interests of their country in the host country.

Consulates have less authority than embassies, and are based in major cities of the host country. They are the offices of a consul or consulate-general who oversees activities pertaining to expatriates or travellers. If you are inquiring about passport or visa information, go to the consulate of your nation to find administrators who can assist you.

Locations in Brussels
Most embassies and consulates are situated within the city centre – high concentrations along Avenue Louise and Rue de la Loi. To see these, simply go to the Bruxelles-Tourisme website and look under “Practical Info”.

Foreign Embassies in Belgium
The most comprehensive list of embassies and consulates and their locations can be found at the Federal Public Foreign Affairs website. Under “Addresses” there is a link to download a .pdf document listing all of the foreign embassies in Belgium.

Belgian Embassies Worldwide
If you want to locate your nearest Belgian embassy or consulate before your departure, you can also find these under “Addresses” of the same website.