Travel from Berlin to Brussels

There are several ways to travel from Berlin to Brussels – high-speed train, flights, bus or car. You can easily travel from centre to centre using the IntercityExpress (ICE) train or by bus or car. Flights will land in Brussels Airport.

Train Berlin to Brussels
Taking the train is a convenient way to travel from the centre of Berlin to Brussels. All trains stopover in Cologne (Koln) before arriving at Brussels-Midi. The IntercityExpress (ICE) is a high-speed train that operates out of Germany.

Flights Berlin to Brussels
EasyJet, Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines all have flights from Berlin to Brussels. There are two airports in Berlin to depart from. EasyJet, the low cost airline, has flights departing from Berlin Schoenefeld. Flights from Lufthansa and Brussels Airlines depart from Berlin Tegel. Flights operate 7 days a week. For travel information from other German cities read Flights From Germany to Brussels.,

By bus or car
To travel by coach from Berlin to Brussels you need to make a reservation at There are buses that leave from Berlin central station and arrive at Brussels-Nord 7 days a week. Journeys are normally overnight and take about 10 hours from centre to centre.

Berlin to Brussels is about 765 kilometres via the highways (7 hours drive). The most direct route takes you through the Netherlands, past Maastrict and Leuven to reach Brussels. In Europe, cars run on the right-hand side of the road.