Antwerp city and seaport near Brussels

Boat in a port of Antwerp near Brussels

In Dutch: Antwerpen
In French: Anvers

Antwerp is a small city north of Brussels that like most cities in the area has lots of architectural beauty. Also one of the largest ports in Europe where interesting old and new things can be seen. Nicely kept parks, squares, restaurants and pubs are the norm here too.

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Antwerp attractions

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A short history of Antwerp

A cathedral and historic statue in a port city of Antwerp near Brussels

The Antwerp history begins in the 2nd century when permanent larger settlement started here. Then, in 12th century, it became one of the most important seaport towns in Europe that quickly became a trading and financial centre. Business that lasts till today.

During the Golden Age, when this whole area of Europe was getting prominence thanks to the world trading, Antwerp was described as 'the loveliest city in the world' and was not lacking behind cities like Amsterdam, Brussels or Bruges. Getting richer and more beautiful.

It was at these times when famous painters and harpsichord building business emerged from Antwerp.

There were also setbacks. Mainly because of religious conflict between the Protestant North and Catholic South of Europe in the 16th century. And subsequent closure of the River Scheldt. Which was a large blow to the economy of the Antwerp city. The river was finally reopened in 1863 nd Antwerp could return to its full potential once again.

Till today the city nicely joins business and beauty and should definitely be visited if you are in the area.

Antwerp on map