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Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport is the closest international airport to Brussels city centre. It is located about 14 kilometres (9 miles) from the city centre and is reachable by train, bus, taxi and car.

Most long-haul international flights with connections from a major hub such as London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt will land at Brussels Airport. With increased airfare competition airlines flying to Brussels Airport are also beginning to offer cheap flights, especially during the summer.

Brussels Airport Arrivals
Arrival gates are at Level 2 of the airport. From international flights you will first go through immigration and customs before going to the Baggage Claim. Once you have claimed your baggage and have nothing to declare you can exit to the Arrival Halls – there are no additional customs checks. Money exchange is available at the Arrival Halls outside baggage claims but it expensive! There are ATMs there too if you have a bank card. You can also find a supermarket and Relay for picking up magazines and books before your stay in Brussels.

Since the airport is close to Brussels city centre there are many ways from the Airport to Brussels city centre. You can take train, bus, taxi or car from one of the stations at the airport.

If you are staying at one of the Brussels Airport Hotels you will need to find at each hotel the directions into Brussels city centre.

Brussels Airport Departures
Just like there are many transport options to get from the airport to Brussels, there are also options to go from Brussels to Brussels Airport for your departure. The main options are highlighted in Brussels to Airport.

Departures are at Level 3 of Brussels Airport. Gate A is for departure terminal to Schengan countries and Gate B is for departure to Non-Schengan countries. Schengan countries have a borderless travel agreement for visa holders and nationals of member countries. At Gate B the border controls would strict, ensure you arrive for your flight early to allow enough time for passport checks and security checks. Also double check you have the right travel documents and visas to travel out of Belgium. The UK and Ireland are not part of the Schengan Agreement; check your visa requirements before your departure.

Brussels Airport Hotels
There are many reasons to choose to stay at one of the many Brussels Airport Hotels. These include short trips to Brussels where your destination is close to the airport such as the NATO Headquarters or other office buildings. Some hotels offer shuttle services to these destinations from the hotel. Other reasons include short transits, overnight transits or even early flights, where travellers can choose to avoid rush hour traffic in the morning. Take a look at some of the airport hotels close to Brussels.

Brussels Airport Parking
There are also several options for Brussels Airport Parking, the closest and easiest to walk towards the airport are the services provided at the terminal building. Express parking and lock-parking are directly in front of the airport and VIP parking areas are on the right side of the airport as you enter by car. Long term car parks are located before you reach Brussels Airport closer to the highway. For a map, go to

Fees depend on the location of the car park and the length of stay. For express parking (drop-off or pick up) it is a maximum of 3 hours at €5 per hour. Other car parks are cheaper but further walk away €3.40 per hour in P1 and €2.50 per hour for P2 and P3.

Another long term car park option is the Car Hotel located near the cargo bays of the airport, there is a shuttle bus that travels there every 15 minutes from the airport.

Brussels Airport Duty Free Shopping
The Sky Shops (duty free shops) are located mainly at Concourse A and Concourse B (the departure terminals). These shops offer a wide range of products from tobacco and alcohol, sunglasses, accessories to chocolates, perfumes and leather goods.

Duty free prices are different within the European Union, which implemented Travel Value prices in 1999. When travelling within the EU, all goods, except for alcohol and tobacco, can be purchased at the same price as duty free goods. Travellers who are leaving the EU can purchase all goods including alcohol and tobacco at duty free prices.

Brussels Airport Facilities
There are many facilities available at Brussels Airport to ensure you are still able to carry important personal and business activities as well as store or wrap your luggage while at the airport.

Some of these facilities include: meeting services, welcoming services, baggage lockers, PostPunt, places of worship, toilets and wrap and travel (wrapping and insurance for your luggage). WiFi is also available in all waiting areas if you have WiFi subscriptions or a credit card to purchase time online.

Brussels Airport Map
Several different maps help you to orientate yourself before arriving or departing Brussels Airport. Here are some useful references to Brussels Airport Maps:

Google Maps type in “Brussels airport” and zoom in to find which road you need to take to reach the airport from the Outer Ring Road.

Brussels Airport has a downloadable map and lots of other information about the airport that you may want to find out before arrival or departure. Note the website ends with domain “.be” and not “.com” otherwise you will taken to another website.

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