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Brussels Airport to city

Compared to most airports around the world, Brussels Airport is one of the most accessible and closely located airports to a main city centre. Brussels is 12 kilometres (7 miles) from Brussels Airport the fastest travelling time is an 18 minute drive from the airport to the city. Travel methods include train, several types of bus, taxi and car.

Brussels Airport Train
The normal metro tickets are not valid for travel on the Airport Line (train line) between the airport and Brussels; therefore you have to buy special trip tickets from the railway stations and at the airport railway station on Level -1 before boarding the train. Check the latest ticket prices at

There are three stops within the city at each of the main railway stations Brussels-Nord, Brussels-Centrale and Brussels-Midi. At each of these stations there are metro lines, buses and trams that connect to other parts of the city. Go to the website for Brussels public transport at

To Brussels Airport by Bus
Every airport bus departs and arrives at the bus station at Level 0. There are a number of public, private buses and the Airport Express.

Airport Line
The Airport Line is a public Brussels Airport bus operated by STIB that take you from and into the European district of Luxemburg and the city centre. There are two buses: Line 12 and Line 21. Line 12 (operates Mon-Fri until 8pm) is express only travels to main stations - the only metro stop is Schuman (EU Headquarters) and the last stop is Luxemburg station.

Line 21 (operates after 8pm on weekdays and on weekends) has many more stops and ends at Hertog / Ducale, the metro stops are Schuman and Trone. The last stop is close to the city and just outside the Royal Palace - 10 minutes walk from Brussels Centrale. Fares are €3 outside the bus; €4 on the bus; €21 for 10 trips.

De Lijn
The bus company De Lijn has regular services between Brussels Airport and Brussels and also to the regional areas of Brussels such as Leuven and Kortenberg. The bus 471 goes to and from Brussel-Nord station takes 45 minutes. Number 659 takes you to and from metro station Roodebeek. This bus company has a website which is available in Dutch

Airport Express
There are two bus companies that operate ‘airport express’ buses to and from Antwerp and between three cities in the Netherlands Breda, Rotterdam and Utrecht and Brussels Airport. operates between Antwerp and Brussels Airport there are buses every hour and price is €10 one way – travelling time is 45 minutes. operates between the three cities in the Netherlands and Brussels Airport – travel times vary and prices start at €25 one-way and only €37.50 return. Book your tickets online.

To Brussels Airport by Taxi
All permanent taxi stands are located outside the Arrival Hall. It will cost approximately €35 to travel into the city centre (such as Brussels Centrale). Avoid getting into unlicensed vehicles posing as taxis which may overcharge you for their services. There is not a distinctive taxi look. Taxis are different makes and colours so look out for the yellow and blue license emblem and the triangular stand at the top of the taxi.

Well known companies include: Autolux, Unitax Brabant and Unitax

For wheelchair users: Taxi Hendriks

To Brussels Airport by Car
Brussels Airport is within driving distance of all major cities in Belgium – the longest trip is from Bruges (1 hour 9 minutes) and the shortest is Brussels (18 minutes). There is an Outer Ring Road surrounding the top half of Brussels called R0 on maps. The airport is located at the northeast side of the ring road. Once you get to R0 you will see signs that point towards Brussels Airport or Brussels. Other driving distances to and from Brussels Airport are: Antwerp (43 km, 34 min), Ghent (68 km, 48 min) and Liege (91 km, 59 min).

Brussels Airport Parking
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