European Commission

The European Commission (EC) comprises of commissioners who are nominated by member states to draft proposals for new laws and policies. As well as 27 commissions (one per state) there are more than 25,000 civil servants carrying out the work of policy drafting and implementation.

Sources for legislative proposals come from European treaties, recommendations by the European Parliament and the European Council. Draft proposals are debated on by the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament before they can be passed as EU laws and policies. Once legislation is passed, the European Commission also ensures individual member countries put in the place measures to implement the legislation.

Location in Brussels
The European Commission’s headquarters is in the Berlaymont building (240,000 m sq). at Rond-Point Robert Schuman (metro Schuman). It is a large cross-shaped building with a newly renovated modern exterior that features movable window blinds that let in light and control temperatures in the offices.

However, with 25,000 civil servants and many more administrators, the European Commission occupies about 60 big and small buildings in the central Brussels area. The largest concentration is between Arts-Loi, Trone and Schuman metro stops.

European Commission Representation in Belgium
Berlaymont building
Rue Archimede 73
1000 - Bruxelles
Metro stop: Schuman

There are information talks available at the European Commission building near metro Maelbeek. These require a minimum of 15 people, are free of charge and need to be booked 2 months in advance. Guided tours of the buildings are not available. Alternatively you can explore by foot by downloading a map of where buildings are from the European Commission website under “Visit the commission”.

Visits Service
Rue Van Maerlant 2 and 18
B 1040 - Brussels
Tel: +32 (0) 2 2992318
Metro: Maelbeek