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Brussels Navels

Brussels navels are not a brand or type of the fruit orange. It is a set of photographs taken by an amateur photographer of belly buttons or navels in Brussels. The site has been up for almost a decade and photos date back to 1999. There are currently 1000s of photographs for navel enthusiasts to download around the world. Each archive is organised according to the year in which it was taken. No faces are included in the photos so the identity of the ‘navels’ are not disclosed.

Navels of all shapes, sizes, from males and females are posted up on the website. To fund the maintenance of the website, the photographer asks for donations and sells CD copies of the photographers. The bandwidth used each month is a large cost because the photos are high resolution. Now people from around the world are sending in photos of their own navels and a new page has been created for these.

Navels are clinically known as an ‘umbilicus’ and colloquially as ‘belly buttons’. It is basically a scar that is left from birth when a doctor cuts the umbilical cord of a baby. Some belly buttons dip inside and some pop outside of the belly. Studying the navels of identical twins is one way to identify them because every single person has their own distinct scar.

Up until the 1960s it was still taboo in Western society to show the navel due to its sexual nature. Some men and women are known to have navel fetishes.

Brussels Navels
Go to the original Brussels Navels website to see photos of thousands of navels from Brussels' streets. The Navelmaniac has spent many years collecting these photos from perfect strangers!



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